Tuesday, June 29, the Congolese had learned with amazement the coming of the presidents of Uganda in Kinshasa and Rwanda to attend the military parade held Wednesday, June 30 as part of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations. The Congolese themselves were shocked to learn that Joseph Kabila was delayed for two hours the start of the parade until the arrival of Paul Kagame, whose plane was a backlog of two hours. Congolese personalities contacted by writing Congoindependant found no words strong enough to slay this "confession subordination of Joseph Kabila against his Rwandan counterpart.

There are signs that do not lie! In his book "structuralist Epistemology and compared, Professor Kapumba Akendi wrote:" The symbols have no independent identity. They take ownership of their identity in their reference to another element they represent ... In everyday use of words or signs, not the phonetic form or graphic that interests us, but what they relate, that is to say what they mean ... "

Planned at 9 am, Wednesday, June 30, the military parade held in the framework of celebrations commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Congo has accused two hour delay timer. While public broadcasting Belgian Francophone (RTBF) stigmatized the 'late arrival of some heads of state "without further clarification, commercial television RTL TVI, she has not used the language of wood Designating the "guilty". Namely that "the festivities" have been delayed "because we expected the arrival of Paul Kagame." The latter has snubbed the other heads of state attended, including King Albert II arrived with a delay of two hours. Only after the parade could begin. A roof.


This may seem obvious to minds not accustomed to interpret the signs and gestures of men. In terms of protocol, anyone invited to a ceremony must impose a duty to be punctual at the rendezvous. It is a sign of courtesy provided that a mark of respect to his guests and especially to the other guests. While all the other guests were arriving on time to reach the bleachers erected on the Triumphal Boulevard, the strong man in Kigali him, took his time. For reasons that are known only to himself, he arranged to arrive late. Worse, during the speech by Kabila, the Rwandan satrap leafing idly through a magazine. How to interpret this gesture? Contempt? One thing seems certain: this gesture is neither innocent nor innocuous. The delay is a message from Kagame. The indifference displayed by the master of Kigali during his DRC counterpart was reading his speech suggests that his presence made sense to show that he is above the "Joseph" and is able to operate even during important and symbolic moments that characterize and determine the life of his country. To wait until the early events is a way to return attention to his person.


The reactions were quick on Wednesday night. "It is a challenge that Joseph Kabila has launched the Congolese people by inviting Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni in Kinshasa, says a Congolese University. The DR Congo has been occupied by armies of Uganda and Rwanda. It is clear that Kabila has passed through the profit and loss every crime committed by Ugandan and Rwandan troops. "One of the organizers of the demonstration in Brussels does not beat around the bush:" I am disgusted. Kabila has just demonstrated that he is a puppet and the real leader of the Congolese state is Paul Kagame. A Congolese student adds: "The murderer always returns to the scene. The presence of Kagame in Kinshasa is an insult to the memory of victims of crimes committed by Rwandan troops in Congo. "Last ambassador from Zaire in Brussels, Jean-Pierre Kimbulu Moyanso wa Lokwa describes the presence of Rwandan leader in Kinshasa as" inappropriate ". On the grounds that the Congolese population has not yet healed his wounds psychological aftermath of the events described above. "By delaying the start of the parade, said the former diplomat, Kabila has given evidence that he has never been a puppet in the service of Kagame." Contacted by telephone Wednesday night in Kinshasa, UDPS Valentin Mubake Numbi gives his reading: "This past year show that Kigali and Kinshasa to light the relationships behind the scenes in the economic, political and military. This is not surprising to see Kagame in Kinshasa. You know what that power as Rwandan faces internal difficulties. General Kayumba Nyamwasa Rwanda has been the victim of an attack in South Africa. His wife, the commando was recruited by the Rwandan leaders. Kigali has shown interest in reconciling with its neighbors "

According to sources in Kinshasa, Kabila "has crossed the Rubicon" after "repeatedly tested the ability of the Congolese indignation. According to one informed source, Rwanda Paul Kagame became the "protector" of the head of the Congolese state. Hence the constant traveling of General James Kabarebe in DR Congo. It seems that two thousand soldiers from the Rwandan army are based in the province of Bas-Congo. In Mbandaka, is a Rwandan general, January Mayanga, who heads the military region. Witnesses said Rwandan soldiers were deployed in Kinshasa in anticipation of the parade on June 30

Arriving late Wednesday in the ceremony under the Triumphal Boulevard, Kagame wanted to send a message "subliminal" in the Congo in general and particularly in Kinshasa. This message is declined as follows: "Here I am. I'm here in your capital. I, who've invaded'm killing your brothers and sisters, plunder your wealth. I'm here and I continue to guide you through an intermediary to whom I giving orders. "

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