Political crisis in perspective

Two scenarios are looming on the horizon so close to the Chase: either the "rais" comes the ultimate in power to save his first minister who will in future be more accountable and therefore more "docile", or Muzito will be delivered to the altar of sacrifice to atone for the consequences of failure and illiteracy of the National impostor, his boss. In both cases, Kanambe is obliged to hand in his pocket to "motivate" (the euphemism is there) the members of the majority and the opposition "to carry the word of Order final boss. As for Evariste Boshab, appetite came eating: after ejecting the intrepid Kamerhe and took his seat happily, the man believes that its time has come to conquer (by the same methods) the chair of the Prime Minister's office for ... keep the cord from the Stock Exchange during the fateful period of preparations for upcoming elections. But this time, an obstacle blocks his path: "Kabila was scared to touch the alliance with the PALU, particularly since this alliance extends into the" spiritual realm "( it what you will)! So Breaking the alliance with the "old" will result in the loss by "Kabila" to support political and "spiritual" highly strategic provinces of Bandundu and Kinshasa, which enable it to withstand as much as possible to reject the hostile province Bas-Congo. Suddenly, the argument Boshab of occupying the Prime Minister's office to unite the two brothers Kasai and block Etienne Tshisekedi Falters! But man has tasted the delights of the fruit called "power and honor, and he has not let it go so easily!
As for the deputies of the majority as veterans of the opposition, they care nothing for political scheming duo "Kabila"-Boshab. For in both cases, they always find their account! It is man who will receive the money they say what they should do. "Who pays gives orders" seems to be their motto. But some argue that it is there that is the unknown of the equation that could change the whole give and surprise. For Muzito has not yet said its last word. And ultimately, it is he who holds the power of the purse! Some members would have to be spoiled for choice. Other unscrupulous already ponder how they can do to get the jack pot on both sides. Pitiful! And the people in all this?

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