Influx of Rwandan army in Congo

Influx of Rwandan army on Congolese territory: a proposal for Reading
(Le Potentiel 05/12/2010)

The province of North Kivu, soft underbelly of the DR Congo is once again under high voltage.
Several black masses are celebrated on the sly as uncovered in the city of Goma.

We can see the excitement in the states of the former rebel headquarters converted without any repentance in Congolese political parties. According to leaks from one of these black masses said Sunday, May 9 at the restaurant last Kamanzi Bralima behind the roundabout, a new political movement or a rebel, it depends, "said CNDP-renovated, would have come to Goma North Kivu and would wait more than its official release. If it is a political party, the better, because the DRC is said to be a democracy. But as they say, who has been bitten by a snake, fears even a caterpillar. Also, the massive violations of human rights being committed in this corner of the country, do they justify the fear that the CNDP-Renovated is rather a new rebellion. The whisper of a new rebellion in North Kivu gestation reinforces another rumor that the country would experience a new Apocalypse, a new political tsunami, the aftermath of the festivities on June 30

At the same time, the villagers of Bajuvi, chiefdom of Bukumu, Nyiragongo territory and the neighborhood Super Match, still Territory Nyiragongo since denounced Thursday, May 6, a new wave of massive influx of Rwandan troops from Gisenyi in Rwanda.
Once on the Congolese territory, the Rwandan military take an unknown destination.

Suddenly, the FDLR was believed to have been repulsed by the Umoja Operation Wetu and Amani Leo, into the forest for Walikale and Maniema, and resurface in some media are seen at the airport in Goma for not leaving Rwanda, their homeland, but for Katanga, Bas-Congo, etc.. Where do these FDLR? Rwanda or forest Walikale? When asked, members of provincial and National say they have not been consulted on the relocation and release of the FDLR in the Congo.
The supervisor of the release would be a Protestant minister in Kinshasa by the name of Mulunda, the same one that toured the provinces to buy weapons from armed groups.

For two days, he also finds a strong presence of military police in the city of Goma.
According to usually well informed sources, the presence of the military police would like to prevent a possible attack from the city of Goma by a new rebellion.

Also, the security around the international airport of Goma has been strengthened. It is no longer possible for anyone not having a travel or a service card to be in the precincts of the airport of Goma, which is very busy lately.
Members of the Republican Guard are those who provide this security, a sign that something is happening or will happen in the Goma airport.

Elsewhere in the province of North Kivu, the denunciation of the massacre selective Nande North Kivu by an army "Kinyarwanda" by the national deputy Lusenge Bonane which was broadcast by radio and by leaflets over the whole Beni
Lubero is ridiculed by the attackers.

South of Lubero Territory, specifically in the villages or cities Katondi, Kitsombiro, Ndoluma, Mambasa Alimbongo, Matembe, Kaseghe, Bwatsinge, Mighobwe, Kirumba, Kayna Bulotwa, Kanyabayanga, Luofu, Miriki, Kamandi, Bingi, several houses were burned. In the city of Kirumba, four houses were burned in the night from Friday to Saturday, 08/05/2010 at 2:00 am Kibakuli neighborhood. On the night of Saturday 8 / 05, it was around the block Kasando, still in the city of Kirumba where two other houses were burned.
As they burned the houses above, the assailants mocked victims by telling them to call the member National Bonane for him to come save them.

On Sunday, 09/05/2010 still south of Lubero Nzilamba Mr. Officer, OXFAM, was attacked in broad daylight and robbed of everything he had on him, including $ 40, a radio Sonitek brand, etc..

Elsewhere on the section Kamandi, Kikuvu, Kirumba more attacks and looting have been reported so that the people of the middle say goodbye every time they leave their homes to go to the field or market. Thus, whenever leaving the house she can become a farewell! See his safe return from the field today is a miracle and brings great joy.

The gruesome facts listed above show that the east is under military occupation by Rwanda and Uganda. We do not need to wait for someone to come to New York, Paris or Brussels to say that military occupation is proven. We challenge the jurists and political scientists Congolese! According to the Hague Regulations of 1907, "Territory is considered occupied when it is placed, in fact, under the authority of the hostile army." In his dictionary, Professor Basdevant states that the occupation is "a term used to designate the presence of military forces of a State on the territory of another state without that territory ceases to be part of it"

The two above definitions of military occupation fit well with the situation prevailing in the provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu, Maniema and Orientale.

The killings of civilians and other human rights violations perpetrated by the FARDC is an evidence of this military occupation that parrots Congolese politicians are trying to hide the eyes of civilians by empty slogans and euphemisms such as "Umoja Wetu", "Amani Leo ', etc.. For civilians, there is still no sign of unity (Umoja), peace (Amani) south of Lubero, Beni, Boga, Kamango, Kibotoko, in Masisi, Mwenga Dungu Kibosho, etc.. By cons for these suffering people, the so-called war that would threaten the FDLR to Rwanda's security was a pretext to conquer Kivu. Since the alibi has allowed the entry of Rwandan troops in Kivu, the Congolese people no longer respite and they discover to their cost that they targeted the Rwandan troops.

There is also a complicit silence from the international from the Congo to prevent, they said that Hutu FDLR not kill their Tutsi compatriots on Congolese soil. But the reality on ground is that the current victims are neither Hutu nor Tutsi, but Congolese. The killers or simply become Tutsi of Rwanda, nobody complains!
The Congolese have no defender in the big leagues, most of the elected Congolese career politicians, who preferred cooperation with the occupying forces to defend the best interests of the nation!

The UN mission that sounded false alarms whenever a Rwandophone fell ill, has chosen to adopt a low profile now that Congolese civilians have been slaughtered like goats by the FARDC. To show to what mission MONUC was deployed in Kivu, MONUC has chosen the upsurge in killings of Congolese to begin its withdrawal from the country. To accompany this insidious military occupation of eastern DRC, the Central Government and the governments of these provinces, leaving civilians massacred by armed occupants. To add insult to injury, the Congolese leaders use their media to say that peace has returned to throughout the national territory.
Only a few members continue the fight in the national parliament ..

In public companies, senior Congolese replacements are off microphone.
The Congolese replaced and put on the waiting list for a new assignment, have also been instructed not to grumble because misfortune could happen to them.

In short, we can say without fear of being wrong now four provinces of DR Congo are under military occupation Rwandan-Ugandan. To make up this military occupation, the administrative authorities remain in place if they repeat like parrots what the new masters ask them to say. That the occupants kill their cousins and their brothers, these parrots repeat the same old policies "is peace in the Kivu.
That the occupants burned their houses, parrots repeating policies always the same refrain: "there is peace in Kivu.

This ensured fidelity parrots Congo, the silence of the international community represented by MONUC in Congo, the occupants are engaged in ethnic cleansing in the four provinces mentioned. The Catholic Bishops of the DRCongo have already spoken of a "silent genocide" in their statement "The DR Congo is weeping for her children, she is inconsolable (Mt 2, 18) published in Kinshasa 13 November 2008. Now, the Congolese genocide is quieter. It is public!
What is missing is the courage of the Congolese to denounce and stop it.

It is a pity that the Congolese continue to believe that MONUC can be used for something. In ten years, MONUC has done maliciously that facilitate the balkanization of the DR Congo. The evidence is manifold. Each time the Congolese army repelled the CNDP militia, MONUC intervened to impose a cease-fire followed by dialogue. During the dialogue, Kinshasa recalled for consultation, the military officer who had shown its worth in front against the CNDP. This consultation time became a changing and sometimes a mysterious death. What is happening today in Congo, where MONUC shows and wanted to bring the Congo Kinshasa. Today, when the civil societies of the provinces martyrs call the military guilty of killings are brought to justice and transferred from the East, they were told that the time of the transfer is over. By the same FDLR cons who served as an excuse to sell the East in Rwanda are being relocated to sneak Kivu to the west and south of the country. And if the same alibi FDLR had the same effect in the West and East, which would be complaining if the Congolese themselves? As a character puts it, the Theatre of Bernard Dadie on Dona Beatrice, Joan of Arc Congolese: "Your enemy is your king.
Your most dangerous enemy ... your king, Don Carlos first.

Thus the most dangerous enemies of the Congolese people are the "Kasuku" or Congolese political parrots! The foreign enemies who are so unfortunate, operate or support the internal fault. Thus, in this specific time will plump for the same MONUC, is jumping into the water to escape the rain. The immediate consequence of such a senseless act, is drowning, sudden death.
Jean-Pierre Mbelu

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