Democratic Republic of Congo: Forgotten history of genocide

  The history of Congo is clearly an eternal cycle. It is necessary to remind the world that a true holocaust during the colonization Belgo-Leopold, had nearly 15 million people, fell into oblivion. And between 1998 and 2004 more than 5 million Congolese have been massacred in a bewildering indifference and guilty of the international community. This time the Holocaust was perpetrated by the warlords who are currently leading the Democratic Republic of Congo. Supported by Paul Kagame, the rebel RCD, headed by former Arthur Zahidi Ngoma, Wamba Dia Wamba, Tambwe Mwamba, Adolphe Onozumba, Serufuli Déogratias Brugia, Jean-Pierre Ondekane Bizima Karaha Charles Mutebuzi, Kundabatuare. The bloodiest rebel leaders of the pro-Rwandan Azarias Ruberwa it is responsible for the massacres of millions of Congolese Makobola, Kasika Katuta, Kashekezi, Kalehe Lubarika, ..., Bangwe Bunyakiri Burhale Uvira in Sange the only goal of eradicating the indigenous territories of the Congolese and to repopulate these brothers from freshly Rwanda. It is then clearly an example of genocide. Powered by Yoweri Museveni, the MLC rebel movement, headed Tambwe Mwamba Olivier Kamitatu ,..., Karawa Jose Endundu, and Jean-Pierre Bemba are all responsible for massacres of civilians in the region of Ecuador, in the Eastern Province and in Ituri. We still remember "Operation Clear the table" where pygmies were slaughtered and eaten by the cannibal army by Jean-Pierre Bemba. We have not forgotten the massacres and looting in Bangui, Central African Republic by men of JP. We remember the gruesome shipments of all other militias operating in eastern DRC: UPC, FRPI, the Mudundu 40, etc.. We know they are supported either by Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, either by Paul Kagame of Rwanda and is still by Joseph Kabila of Congo. Faced with this murderous madness, the international community remained apathetic. We strongly condemn the UN for its passivity before the tragedy of civilians in this part of Africa. We vehemently denounce the fact that MONUC has become a travel agency for sex tourists from all sides disguised as peacekeepers.

The apprentice strategist Kigali denies hearing of members of his militia suspected RPF-cons in the genocide of the Hutus in Rwanda, he threatened to make revelations about the involvement of France in the genocide of 1994! He hopes to get a blockage of the investigation of French anti-terrorist judge Jean Louis Brugiere, who leads the investigation slowly but surely in order to find the real sponsor of the attack against the plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana April 6, 1994 ; The killing was the starting point for all the ills facing the Great Lakes. We hope that the UN will provide the French courts all the evidences: the archives of this case as well as the black box of the presidential plane. Paul Kagame, the man who tipped the Rwanda and Congo in the most abject bloody barbarism should not escape the noose of international justice.
A second International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda should be created to restore the truth about the real causes of the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

An International Criminal Tribunal for the Congo must also be created to judge all crimes committed in Congo since 1996 until today. Since July 11, 1997 the UN had described as genocide the massacres perpetrated by Kabila's troops, the UN must take its responsibilities, its credibility depends on it. The word genocide has led to under Article VII of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948, a requirement for the competent bodies of the United Nations to take appropriate measures to prevention and suppression of acts of genocide. Mr Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, said March 26, 2004: "The international community failed Rwanda to its fate, if she had reacted quickly and decisively, it could prevent most of the massacres" Fills is clear that the same causes always produce the same effects. The UN has not learned the lesson of the past of Rwanda, and has not lived up to its prerogatives in the Great Lakes, it is clear that the United Nations by the voice of the SG Mr. BAN KI MOON must admit guilt and apologize on behalf of the international community to the genocide of the Congolese 6,000,000. It is never too late to do! Organization of a real political dialogue and real democratic elections in DR Congo and Rwanda. Belgium, a country of reference for the policy of the European Union in the Great Lakes, must realize that the electoral process in DR Congo is completely hijacked by criminals who have a place of choice
alongside Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague. Or why not to fallow SADAM of Iraq? 

All these criminals have only one objective: To make lots of money and seek to avoid international justice put their hands on it by all means, up to amend the constitution to give itself further immunity related to the title of senator for life. When we see the complacency of the international community through the CIAT, which fully supports the criminals in power in Kinshasa, when we realize how CIAT is responsible for the institutional disorder in the DR Congo when we see that from the beginning of this transition till now , CIAT proclaimed that it is impossible to make a credible census of the Congolese population in a country where the last census dates back about 20 years, citing lack of money and time. These two arguments do not stand up to criticism as a share two years of transition were more than enough for each municipal administration of the country to make the population census; And this is not money that is missing in this country where the Mafia by Joseph Kabila away every day millions of dollars from the public treasury. When we know that the census is a prerequisite before any election that is serious, when we know it was an effective way to avoid selling off the Congolese throughout the eastern part of the country. Currently anyone can cross the border and get enrolled as "congorais". When we know the importance of the census in the organization of civil defense with all possible natural disasters: earthquake, flood, tsunami, ..., volcanic eruption. Without reliable statistics, it is impossible to have a good policy at the National Health Service in the fight against epidemics and global pandemics address: HIV / AIDS ..., bird flu (possible) Provide the amount vaccines, the number of nursing staff ..., the number of beds available in hospitals in cases of national emergency and international. As a result, international organizations like WHO and by extension the WFP, FAO ..., UNICEF, UNESCO and private data are crucial for their policies in DR Congo. It is impossible to draw any reliable statistics on the prevalence of disease, the birth rate, mortality rate, the rate of population growth ..., the literacy rate for lack of reliable data on total of the Congolese population. We can conclude that deliberately ignore the total population in 2005 of a large country like DR Congo to elect criminals in the upcoming elections, are reckless, incompetence, and we believe that c is a crime by lack of foresight, not only against the Congolese people, but also against humanity. Those responsible for this situation should logically be brought before a competent court in the matter. The current electoral process in DR Congo and a joke, a distraction, a waste of time and money that must be stopped immediately saw the number of criminal candidates. These individuals should logically begin to prepare their defense instead of wasting time and money from honest taxpayers Congo.
Cleaning stables policies by national and international justice is a prerequisite for stability and development of DR Congo and all countries of the Great Lakes.

The current President of DR Congo Joseph Kabila is one of the main leaders of the genocide of 500,000 Rwandan Hutus in eastern Congo between 1996 -1997. In the Great Lakes, the word genocide has become commonplace for ordinary people because of the pace with which civilians were massacred as the common game in a reckless disregard so-called civilized nations. Before continuing we recall the definition of the word GENOCIDE that is certainly one of the more serious or simply the most serious of crimes against humanity. Under Article II of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 9 December 1948, the word genocide is defined as one of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such: / Killing members of the group b / Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of group c / Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of
to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part d / Measures intended to prevent births within the group; e / Forcibly transferring children from one group to another group.

The indifference of international community against the genocide in Rwanda

We remember the massacre of 100 days that began in April 1994, where about 800,000 mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus were brutally cut with a machete, which the executioners had only one goal that of completely eliminate the Tutsis of Rwandan territory. This genocide is surely one of the most publicized after the Jews during the 2nd World War. We salute the work of journalists and NGOs have done a tremendous job for the international community and in particular the UN to recognize even at a late share of responsibility. Tears of Western politicians to visit to Kigali say a lot about the feeling of guilt and emotion which had been generated images of men, women and children cut with a machete. We must also remember that overuse of genocide by the dictatorial regime of Paul Kagame, who surfs at will on the weakness of the international community prisoner of these deficiencies, to maximize the economic and political dividends. A good illustration is the organization of rigged presidential elections in Rwanda with the help of the international community. In a country of 7,954.013 inhabitants, consisting of three ethnic groups: Hutu 84%, Tutsi 15%, Twa (pigmoids) 1% - 2004 estimate by "The World Factbook Rwanda" of the CIA - we saw the the ethnic Hutu majority "voted" by magic for a bloodthirsty dictator Tutsi When you know how much elections around the world are always tinged with regionalism. While it is normal that George Bush gets a good score on his state taxa, as flamingos vote for political parties in Belgium and the flamingos are speaking the same.
Paul Kagame has received a green light to enter DR Congo in order to kill Hutu refugees with the support of Kabila, father and son, enjoying the passage of mineral resources under the guise of the rebel RCD.

The indifference of the international community to the second Rwandan genocide or genocide-cons

"The blood calls for blood"; "vengeance begets vengeance. After the military victory of Paul Kagame in the Rwandan regular army, a true gentleman ordered a manhunt against all Hutu, and God only knows how many men, women and children into Operation Turquoise up by the French army had saved from certain death. More than a million Hutu refugees from civil and military fled Rwanda to seek refuge in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, then Zaire during the reign of Mobutu, with Leon Kengo wa Dondo as prime minister. The presence of Rwandan refugees in eastern Zaire had become a real source of wealth for Mobutu and his Prime Minister who negotiated a high price for the rights of humanitarian aircraft landings. A true mafia Zaire had put in place to extract the maximum money from the UN and NGOs. The Rwandan refugees were also put to use as the Hutu dignitaries had taken care to bring in their flight all the credit of the state of Rwanda. Too busy to ransom his guests, and Kengo Mobutu does not care about the health and security implications arising from this massive presence of more than one million refugees near the border with Rwanda.
This is the beginning of the end of the Mobutu regime.

On the other side of the border with Rwanda, Paul Kagame was twofold: firstly, to try to recover part of the public purse carried by Hutus, secondly, it was avenging the brutally massacred 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda by extremist Hutus. The motive for the crime was there, he only wanted to find a pretext to enter the territory of Zaire. Hunting Mobutu's power was a good alibi. The result everybody knows. Under the leadership of Paul Kagame and Yoweri Musseveni who are suppliers of men, weapons and ammunition, AFDL a politico-military heterogeneous, was quickly formed in the head with a horde of adventurers to give security Zairian this walk criminal.
It seems necessary to try to trace the events in their chronology.

In September 1996 a mysterious Tutsi uprising broke out Banyamulengue said the border with Rwanda, it is the beginning of the so-called war of liberation. A real work of cleaning Hutu refugee camps was organized by the band to Kabila, father and son and their cronies, causing the deaths of 500,000 Rwandan Hutu refugees in Tingi-Tingi, Amisi, Rutshuru, Mugunga Shabunda .. ., Kimbumba, Katala, Kahindo. We believe it is possible to uncover several mass graves along the route taken by the macabre AFDL with the captain at their head 'Hippo', which is the current leader of the Congolese Joseph Kabila (Hippolyte Christopher Kanambe Kazemere N'twale his real name) and his maternal uncle James Kabarebe the current Chief of General Staff of the Rwandan army. The images of the male victims, women and children cut with machetes by men to Kabila, Kagame and Musseveni in refugee camps around the world will be through the international press was there in the front row: CNN, TF1 ... France 2, RTBF, RAI, BBC. We hope they will give evidence when the time comes to international justice. In a documentary entitled Canal + Africa in pieces, the tragedy of the Great Lakes, all these war criminals had publicly confessed their crimes. After viewing images of spy satellites clearly showing the traces of mass graves in the forest around the refugee camps, the French government had asked the Security Council sends troops to protect the camps for refugees, but it opposed a firm NO from the Americans. For Americans impeding the progress of the ADFL was a support to the Mobutu regime and consequently a delay in completion of large mining contracts being negotiated with the Alliance.
In other words, he had to break eggs to make omelettes.

On April 8, 1997, despite the denials of Kabila, the Chilean Roberto CARRETON the UN Special Rapporteur had mentioned the existence of evidence of massacres of Hutu refugees in eastern Zaire in his report to the Secretary General of the UN Mr. Kofi Annan.
The UN published a damning report against Kabila pointing his responsibility for the disappearance and killing of refugees.

On May 6, 1997, Ms. Emma Bonino European Commissioner for Humanitarian publicly declared that Kabila has turned eastern Zaire in real slaughterhouse. Mr. Aldo Adjello the nail by saying that without stonewalling "The perpetrators of these massacres are not primarily those in power but those who have real power."

On July 11, 1997, the UN described as genocide the massacres perpetrated by the troops of Joseph Kabila. Subsequently, the NGOs of human rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International spoke of massacres in Mbandaka and in other districts in northwestern Zaire.
To recall the northern front of the advance from the ADFL was exclusively led by Commander "Hippo" alias Joseph Kabila himself, his maternal uncle, James Kabarebe had taken charge of the southern front.

On March 30, 1998, Kabila ordered the assassination of Mr. Oswald Hakorinana Goma, a great pacifist and member of the NGO Grand Vision for the human rights in Zaire; This gentleman was one of the most important witnesses in the
investigation that led the United Nations on the atrocities committed by the men of Joseph Kabila and James Kabarebe in Kivu.

On April 9, 1998, following the arrest of a UN investigator Canadian Christopher Harland and filibuster Kabila on the conduct of investigations, the Secretary General of the UN ordered the withdrawal of the then suspended
its fact-finding mission to Zaire.

On June 30, 1998, the UN published a report explosive clearly accusing Kabila and Rwandan power have perpetrated ethnic cleansing against the Hutu refugees in eastern and north-western Zaire.

On 2 August 1998, the Security Council condemned the UN timidly Hutu massacres of refugees without mentioning clearly responsible for the carnage. This attitude of the security council is not surprising given how the U.S. government had strongly opposed against the proposal by France on sending peacekeepers to protect the refugee camps.
The lives of these poor Hutu affected only clearly not many people across the Atlantic.

On November 19, 1998, having realized that he was the butt of the joke, Laurent Kabila acknowledged the massacres of Hutu refugees after the breakup of its alliance with Kagame and Yoweri Musseveni. The Congolese people living in a truly lead blanket. 10 years later, the international community is still indifferent to the genocide. We have heard no official response called civilized governments following the discovery October 13, 2005 mass graves in Rutshuru. Regarding the Western press, the radio silence as if someone had decreed censorship on any information which would disrupt the criminals who are currently leading the DR Congo. If such a discovery was made in a country other Western journalists would have come like a swarm of bees around the graves and this information would remain the one to its denouement. We expect answers to these questions: - What happened to the evidences below: reports of Mr. Roberto CARRETON, Mrs. Emma Bonnino of Mr. Aldo Adjello, the findings of Carla Delponte and the box black plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana? - The United Nations does send the exhibits to international justice? - Why the UN has ever continued investigations into what he himself described as genocide? - Why the UN has not asked to open a criminal investigation after the confessions made by Kabila himself in an interview published on 19/11/1998 by the Belgian daily Le Soir on killings by ADFL troops aided by Rwanda and Uganda, having driven the deaths of 500,000 Rwandan Hutu refugees in eastern Congo between 1996-1997. - Who do we seek to protect at all costs? - Why do we protect war criminals? - There will he a judicial follow internationally following the discovery of mass graves in Rutshuru? - The West and the UN are they aware of the legal implications of their support to war criminals?

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