The eternal absent

Before an audience of heads of states, if you happen to meet the eyes of a man marginalized, bushy beard, a hand in his pocket and look bored, do not try to identify Rais is our national, aka "the top hierarchy, itself.

According to my friend who knows everything about everything and almost everything about nothing in Kinshasa-lez-filth, the "rais" so bored at these high masses diplomatic that it has decided not to participate. It is true that there never speak of money and even less of commissions receivable. Nothing but "blah blah diplomatic. It is understandable that the "rais" had decided in its "generosity" to let Alexis Mwamba Thambwe the task of representing the great Republic of the Congo to Nice will be held from 31 May to 1 June, the summit of Heads States from France and Africa.

To justify his absence, "said my friend," high authority "had several reasons: insecurity in Mbandaka, the resumption of hostilities in the east, shots fired in Lubumbashi and Kamina. Without fail, the recent attack on the headquarters of the DEMIAP (Military Intelligence) by "armed men" not otherwise identified. Apology? The "rais" has the shovel to be wearing white. The France is not his first surprise. Already during his farewell summit in Cannes in 2007, Jacques Chirac was properly snubbed by his "counterpart" Congolese.

According to my friend, the big loser in history is the Congolese people. Second-speaking country in population and first in acreage, the voice of the Congo Democratic hyper has not been heard in the concert of nations already here nine years. Meanwhile, the rais engaged to heart's content, its "sport" favorite: the Play Station. From my friend, on the eve of the opening World Cup soccer matches are held boisterous, all day, near where the Kingakati Farm "Rais". And my friend who has the glib tongue, I slipped into the hollow of the ear: "The team's favorite" Rais "was not the Congo but ... Tanzania."

About Farm Kingakati, my friend who knows everything there is definitely tells me that the "upper echelons", as a "moral authority" of the AMP (Alliance pot presidential dixit Thomas Luhaka) Saturday, May 29 was attended by the founders of this thing called "Patriotic Liberal and Center", "PLC" in the acronym. Olivier Kamitatu Bahati Lukwebo and Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi were present. To believe my friend, Jose Endundo had a narrow escape. He was on a flight between Brussels and Kin. The "moral authority" has invited the quartet to immediately publish a press release announcing the failure of their "stunt failed and" cons "Ngwashi Adolphe. He subsequently properly scolded members of the Gang of Four ", recalling that he alone is empowered to press the ejection seat on which rests the posterior head of government. He has already done with "Mbuta" Gizenga. According to my friend, the "moral authority" was adopted on that occasion the threatening tone of a tyrant. Assistance barely concealed his anxiety. What will the "gang of four"? Getting into the ranks and finally lose face in front of their future potential voters or slam the door and be deprived of "meal vouchers" giving access to the "national food"?

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