Never again!

The president of the National Assembly "brutalized" her entry into the Congress Hall by supporters "instrumentalized" of a political party, withdrawal of the opposition of "his" motion of censure against the government for lack of "conditions serene "are, with the refusal by the majority of a debate on the management of the "res publica", events" normal "in the DRC.

Rule of law under the Constitution, the DRC does not deserve the scene Wednesday unrealistic given to deputies and Congolese who followed the events broadcast by the television channel of the National Assembly. Because the Congo is a jungle.

Desecrated, the chairman of the Lower House of Parliament could not believe it. So much so that he descended from his pedestal to remind anyone who would listen that he was "secretary general of a major political party."

"You instrumentalized population," he was indignant, calling the Government. We have witnessed "cataclysm" if he, too, had rounded up at the People's Palace, the militants of his party, he said. Or that the police and the army there are mixed.

Because of course, no excuse would justify such a surge of passion. Major portal broken, shoving, insults and threats made against the opposition members and "traitors" identified within the Parliamentary Majority, etc..

In the analysis of this hideous spectacle, the Congolese political operators were disqualified. All they showed the sad picture of people focusing their privileges at the expense of interests of the nation. The welfare of the people being the least of their worries.

The country would it be better for it does not address the problem of its management? The continuing deterioration of the security situation, economic and social n'émouvrait it not the ruling class?

If it considers that it significantly improved the macroeconomic framework and the daily lives of "his" people power should then accept the Democratic and Republican debate demanded by the political opposition.

Conversely, the opposition, which claims to represent the alternative, suggests it would be "irresponsible" as the rapporteur of the National Assembly reveals the "irregularities" identified in the motion of censure over the meeting of chairpersons parliamentary groups. Among which, "a member has signed two times" and the reversal of some others.

Ultimately, we must avoid that, based on the "case Palu, supporters of other parties (majority or minority) threw them out of Congress to try to influence a vote. Never again.

Friday, May 21, 2010 7:35

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