Joseph Kabila can support an intellectual debate?

Joseph Kabila can support an intellectual debate?

Asking the question answers itself at the same time. And the careful observation of the behavior of the President of the Republic can doubt.
Indeed, it is common knowledge that before any public performance, Joseph Kabila has to undergo a tedious rehearsal exercise by tutors carpets in the corridors of the Presidency. We should all learn it, as the time when James was KABAREBE gave him a heck even learn to walk properly in his military uniform. I will.

About the public debate, with reason that friends of Joseph Kabila tempt all out to get him a victory in the first round, even if it means cheating in the election. I do not want to cite an incident that the Congolese have already forgotten. IL is the case known under the name "Roger Case NIMY. What is it?

In the first half of January 2004, full Council meeting of Ministers, Roger Lumbala, then Minister of Foreign Trade, picked up the issue of humiliation he had just been to the Airport N ' Djilas by an officer of the Directorate General of Migration. Indeed, having boarded a plane for a private stay in his native Kasai, the Minister, already sitting comfortably in his seat, was arrested by an officer of CMD, which does not know physically, began to look out loud, a certain Roger Lumbala, Minister of his state. The latter presented himself, found himself intimated order, by the rude staff, land, upon instruction from the Presidency ". Lumbala was seeking clarification from the President of the Republic on the way to deal with ministers like thugs.

Because this was degrading incidents experienced by almost all ministers, Roger NIMY, then holding the portfolio of Tourism, abounded in the same direction as his colleague in the Foreign Trade. In fact, wanting to go too in his native village, Mr. NIMY was denied the right to leave the city, since it does not hold an order signed by President of the Republic.

This question was discussed in cabinet, and an Order in Council discussed and signed by the President, solved the problem of displacement of Ministers. And as this was an official mission, a Mission Order signed by the Head of State was mandatory. However, with regard to private travel, a Release Authorization signed by the Head of the component was sufficient. But Evarisrte Boshab, then Director of Office of Joseph Kabila to NIMY who wanted an explanation on this issue, replied to him that these are the habits and customs of the Republic who founded to regulate the movements so Ministers. At the price of humiliation.

As you can see, there was a debate which logically should have begun in order to find a definitive solution to the issue of humiliation which the ministers were subjected since Kabila father. It is in this context that, coming to support Roger Lumbala NIMY told Kabila in his opinion if customs there were any, they belong to a Republic gone forever. Before adding that in his opinion, a decree deliberated in the Council of Ministers and signed by the Head of State had primacy over the so - called habits and customs of the Republic.

Against all odds, Joseph Kabila found that his minister was threatened! He banged his fist on the table before being led outside the meeting hall of the Council by his bodyguard, who was evidently eavesdropping. Not without having demanded the head of the Minister rude!

As seen, the lawyer Kabila had just missed an argument to oppose to his minister, lawyer like him. But tragedy in the Congo is that people prefer to dwell on the shape and epiphenomena instead of addressing the substantive issues. Thus, this debate had taken on a sentimental where insults were mixed invective against Roger NIMY, to the detriment of the whole problem.

This reaction Congolese intellectuals is dangerous because this problem, because they have been emptied, could return to the surface in favor of the election campaign. Indeed, unable to harangue the crowd or to justify its many unfulfilled promises, Joseph Kabila could use those same customs and traditions of the Republic to prevent its competitors from going to campaign within the hinterland. It will be this time too late to do anything, even take up arms to resolve the issue.

This incident reminded me back appropriately to the problem of law degree that Joseph Kabila had won and that Condoleezza Rice would have "confirmed" without jurisdiction.

Let me say here that the United States of America is a nation of lobbies. These pressure groups are working with millions of dollars, most of the world legally. They are intended to carry out actions against remuneration, to change the perception that U.S. policymakers have on one or another foreign leader. This can sometimes walk, as this may fail. So if Condoleezza Rice has received one million dollars in cash - is an example - to "confirm" a diploma, this is something feasible.

On graduation, he is in the entourage of Joseph Kabila an African American whose name I know not but that could play a role in this case. I've been on the phone with her, exactly on February 6 to 22 hours about this book she wanted to buy all the stock in order to avoid publication. And the famous diploma had passed through it before landing at Joseph Kabila, according to some sources. But so far, the diploma is there. It belongs to Joseph Kabila to defend not only during the election campaign, but during his next term in arenas on, for example, NEPAD. Our legal obligation as President to remove the stigma and humiliation that his name puts on the Congo.

Mr. Vital Kamerhe also said recently that Joseph Kabila had studied first at the prestigious Makerere University in Uganda. But as usual, the Secretary General of the PPRD refrained from providing details of this school: academic year, faculty, grade obtained etc..

In this adventure of Joseph Kabila, many think they can find refuge in the adage that the proof of the charge rests with the accuser.

I tell them that here we are not dealing with a question of law alone. The issue is highly political Joseph Kabila and Kabila as friends are always fond of jurisprudence, I would like to offer them both.

When Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie, the world accused him of having not even completed primary education. In response, MENGISTU asked his critics to go see the winners of the academic year where he obtained his Master degree in Economics at the University Lovanium in DR Congo. After verification and the thing has been proven, people stopped talking about themselves.

Secondly, the tradition in the West is that when a politician is involved in any business, it does not cling to his post. It does not require its accusers to provide evidence of their accusation. He resigned to allow justice-this is often the case to his work. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Minister of Economy and Finance of France, did. Alain JUPPE acted the same way.

In one case as in the other, the two ministers did not require proof of the charges against them.

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