The Congo - Kinshasa is in mourning. Thousands of Kinshasa have, Saturday, June 26, led Floribert Chebeya Bahizire, executive director of the association of human rights "Voice without voice" in his last home. Who would have thought? On June 1, "Floribert" went to the General Inspectorate of the National Police when he was summoned by the Inspector General John Numbi Banza Tambo. He was accompanied by Faithful Edad Bazan, driver and member of the VSV. This courageous human rights defender had made a rendezvous with death. The body of Floribert be found dead the next day. The news is a bombshell. Bazan, he has never been seen again.

Chebeya was known by all for his moderation as much as for his firmness in principles. He never raised his voice during a discussion. Why was he killed while he never took up arms against his country? Why was he killed the more he has never launched a political-military movement to subvert the institutional order in place? Why he, while armed group leaders scoff at a powerless state - accomplice? - In the provinces of Kivu and Province Orientale? Why? Why? Floribert was killed simply because he exercised his right of citizens to freedom of expression. Constitutional freedom that gives the option of all Congolese criticize government action through speech, writing or image.

Born September 13, 1963 in Bukavu, Floribert was to celebrate its 47 years old in September. For more than half of his life, he fought - without weapons - but with a dogged determination, against arbitrariness and impunity. A man of dialogue, he fought to the end the triumph of some humanistic values. In particular the: truth, equality and brotherhood, social justice, freedom, democracy. Some facts.

Truth. What is the truth? It is simply "what is." That is to say the right thing to the perception of the mind without having to make a demonstration. For Chebeya, the social conditions of the Congolese people have not changed despite the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko. The situation even became worse than before. In this concern for "true", VSV has repeatedly requested the holding of a fair and impartial trial on the assassination of President Laurent-Desire Kabila. Needless to observe that the trial held in 2002-2003 resulted in several convictions without being able to get to the truth not only about the exact circumstances of the death of LD Kabila but also the liabilities. On the ninth anniversary of this tragic event on January 16 last Chebeya and his comrades have reiterated this requirement in order to do justice to the civil and military held for ten years Makala. In 2003, the judges had promised to conduct further investigations. Investigations that will never take place.

Equality. A native of South Kivu, from the ethnic Shi Floribert was deeply committed to the national interest. It was the Congolese in the soul. When we watch with concern the rise of tribalism and a "regional self-centeredness," Chebeya fought for equality before the law in the Congolese rebellion against all forms of discrimination on tribal or regional origins. In April 2006, VSV has denounced the discriminatory application of the law on amnesty. The association has repeatedly criticized the "disappearances" and extrajudicial killings, whose victims were soldiers and officers ex-FAZ from the Equateur province, without trial just because they came from the same countered that the late President Mobutu.

Social justice. Chebeya has always pleaded for access to all the Congolese national wealth. He never made any secret of his disgust at the arrogant opulence of men and women who run the country. VSV has never denied the opportunity to criticize the violation of economic rights of citizens by the inability of governments to allow the Congolese people to have this "minimum standard of well-being without which man can be virtuous.

Freedom. The Executive Director of the VSV had understood that the rights and freedoms are not given. They were always the result of conquest. VSV has always been in the forefront to condemn police repression of peaceful demonstrations organized by political parties. National Executive Secretary of the National Network of NGOs on Human Rights in DR Congo (Renadhoc) Chebeya had begun in August 2009 a draft financial support to Network members. His statement on the status of rights and freedoms in post-election Congo is implacable: "The situation of human rights remains" alarming ". Cases of gross violations of human rights are visible here and there. "

Democracy. Floribert campaigned for the introduction of a truly democratic society based on separation of powers, the ideological pluralism and respect for life and dignity of the human person. He knew that democracy can not be decreed. In May 2006, one month of holding the first round of presidential elections, VSV had blasted the surrounding residences of several candidates in the election by police. "VSV reiterates its concern over the way the police and security services by President Joseph Kabila against other components and entities of the transition and the population," it said in a statement dated May 24, 2006. From that moment, Floribert and his comrades have been convinced that the 2006 elections will be neither free nor transparent nor democratic. In urging the end of April 2010, parliamentarians to implement the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), intended Chebeya prevent repeat of what happened in 2006. In March 2009, Floribert was arrested with several members of civil society associations. They prepared the organization, March 16, a peaceful march to the Congolese Parliament. Not to support a man, Vital Kamerhe, but to counter the dictatorial power derives Kabila. There is no need to draw a picture to show that for Chebeya Joseph Kabila embodies more than ever a tyrannical power. Incompetent and intolerant.

Chebeya and his comrades of VSV have fought against the arbitrary arrests carried out by the political police of the Kabila regime in the case of ANR, DEMIAP and the alleged "Republican Guard" which is actually the personal militia of Kabila. A battle of the David and Goliath against arbitrariness and impunity. While in Brussels last March, Floribert told a few close determination of VSV dragging to justice the people involved in the killings of the followers of the politico-religious movement Bundu dia Kongo. They are: Denis Kalume Numbi, then Interior Minister, John Numbi Banza, Inspector General of Police and National Chalwe Mukuntu Ngwashi Raus, provincial police inspector in Bas-Congo. For Floribert, this trial was to lay the foundations of a fight against the arbitrary and thank you impunity. A complaint was filed before the Belgian courts under the law of universal jurisdiction.

Floribert Chebeya Bahizire is dead. Physically. In the words of Che Guevara, Floribert preferred "die standing" rather than "live to knee. His ideas provided the values for which he paid with his life will remain forever relevant. He showed the path. The path to be followed by all Congolese who aspires to rise to the Congo of a democratic state, just, and where human life is good for everyone and for all. It is a thrilling combat. We are all "Chebeya!

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