Federal Republic of Congo ?

The "Federal Republic of the Congo" at gunpoint

Grouping of movements and armed groups in eastern alliance called Movement for Congolese Federalists Revolution, RCMs, in order to isolate the Kinshasa government accused of not respecting the agreements of Goma.
Signing a Memorandum of Understanding for the "liberation" of eastern DRC before proclaiming the "Federal Republic of the Congo", RFC.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010
TATEMENT "precipitated" the erection of the district of Ituri province in order to be "the first reserve to be released" using so-called Article 226 of the Constitution. Disclosure of oil contracts from Lake Albert, which could alienate the Congolese government of $ 10 billion USD to be paid into the accounts of individuals, Congolese and foreigners .... It's a bit too much for the claim, according to rumors concordant for a resumption of hostilities in eastern DRC.
The actors of the balkanization of the DRC change methods.

To believe the rumors corroborating the "oil on Lake Albert 'is a curse for the Congolese.
According to the confidential contracts signed by oil companies and a British rival consortium led by South Africa, disclosed last week, were "a danger to scam economic and human rights abuses in Ituri."

The Production Sharing Agreements, APA, citing the fly Tullow and Heritage Divine Inspiration / H Oil, accompanied by a legal analysis published by the British oil PLATFORM Observatory in partnership with the African Institute for Governance
energy AFIEGO.

From this analysis it appears that the contracts signed by companies competing for Oil of Lake Albert, emit excessive profits at the expense of the Congolese people would be around 10 billion USD.
These profits paid to some fellow 20-year beyond the control of the Congolese government for the benefit of foreigners and their Congolese accomplices.

Given this situation, PLATFORM denounces cooperation between oil companies and military groups and the threat of fire in eastern Congo, the legal rights granted to the flaring of natural gas, the total absence of fines for damage to
environment, the lack of "stabilization clause" limiting the ability of the DRC to improve its environmental protection and human rights.

This shocking revelation was made public just when the pressures are high that the Ituri district is built in the provinces.
While Article 226 of the Constitution should be interpreted well but everything happens under pressure, raises many questions.

To the extent that during the same period, a draft Memorandum of Understanding has been prepared and should be signed by the movements and armed groups in the East. That is to say, the CNDP and other armed groups including the Mai-Mai.
The Protocol does not exclude civil society, as the purpose of this memorandum is to "liberate the East" of the DRC.

The signing should take place in Goma would create a politico-military called "Federalist Movement for Congolese Revolution, RCMs.
Its armed wing is known as the "Armed Forces of the RFC (Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of the Congo).

In earlier statements collected, Kinshasa accused of not respecting its commitments, particularly those made in Goma.
And despite pressure from the international community and regional organizations.

The proclamation of the Federal Republic of the Congo, RFC, intervene as soon as the first province was liberated, in this case, Ituri. Structures are already planned, including the presidency of the movement (Presidency of the Republic), Coordination (Prime Minister), the Founding (the Senate), the Assembly of Representatives (National Assembly), Commander in Chief Military, Security Branch, the Directorate General for Migration, and finally the National Executive and the Supreme Defence Council, the High Economic Council, the High Authority of the Judiciary Branch of Finance and Central Bank

A project that is clearly in the straight line of the vast conspiracy of balkanization of the DRC.
The dark forces have not unchecked and war is simply changing field.

The international environment

Such a conspiracy, he could receive the discharge notice from the International Community? It is still premature to answer such a question.
However, the past has always proved he can succeed where indigenous lend themselves to the enemies of the Republic and are easily malleable.

In addition, several "plans" have been initiated to "weaken" the Democratic Republic of Congo. But if today the attention is focused on Eastern Republic, simply because it is in this part of the country are brimming with the regional and global issues.
Slowly but surely, a demolition job, undermining is being implemented to achieve "economic Balkanization" of the DRC before completing the work by the Machiavellian "political balkanization."

However, a DRC united, stable and prosperous is a major asset for development throughout Africa. Analysts have confirmed. But a destabilized DRC remains a permanent danger for the whole of Africa. The situation will remain elusive as the fertile ground in weapons trafficking, international terrorism, the plundering of natural resources and the movement of drugs. The DRC would be another Afghanistan and a new Middle East. When we know that Somalia pirates still have the thick skin and Spanish Guinea in the narco-traffickers appear to control the situation, African Frantz Fanon, with the trigger of the gun in the DRC, will indeed put

One does not think at all that countries like the United States will be dragged into this trap to allow the resumption of hostilities that would lead to "dumb wars" that the president Barack Obama has promised to fight. How can one justify the presence of AFRICOM in Africa when war broke out such as the United States and other partners are hard at work to help the DRC to reestablish its state with a powerful army,
of professionals.

It is true that on this particular point in time when the ADFL supported initially by "Westerners" celebrates 13 years of liberation, the DRC does not have a truly national army. How long will it take to get there? In 20, 30 or 40 years?
And MONUC is currently packing up "gradually and responsibly," what is the memory she has left of his mission?

Certainly, this information need to be dug. They work just as the "electoral wind" blowing over the Great Lakes region with repeated attacks with dynamite in Rwanda, Burundi and intimidation of political concerns in the DRC, where life is punctuated by a rain of questions followed
motion of censure .... 

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