This is an internal UN report recently revealed that unidentified persons were "infringing" certificates UN to facilitate the fraudulent export of gold ore from the Congo to neighboring countries. It is hoped that the perpetrators of this crime will be actively sought.

Fourteen years after the outbreak of the war known as "Banyamulenge" by the armies of Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda, eastern DR Congo has become a sort of "Wild West". The region's natural resources are plundered by armed groups and foreign nationals. Impotent or accomplice, political power has resigned. "Everyone" seems to find his account in the persistence of this disorder: the Congolese civil and military authorities, neighboring countries mentioned above, foreign companies interested in certain rare ores etc..

In a report, a group of UN experts reported that several "fake certificates" UN were issued during the recovery period between March 2009 and February 2010 in order to "facilitate the sale of gold by Congolese buyers neighboring states. What are these neighbors? Radio Silence. Who are the authors of these documents? It's "persons unknown". Strangers who have clearly benefited from internal complicity in the global organization. Where will we?

After noting that armed groups operating in the two Kivu provinces sponsored themselves through the exploitation of precious minerals from the DRC, the UN had imposed a series of restrictions prohibiting the marketing of "blood diamonds" in from these troubled regions. Strangely, the regulation was silent in regard to gold.

According to a Reuters report, the purchase and sale of various minerals and gold was continued as if nothing had happened. According to the authors of this report, place of origin of the gold in question is not known. The mines of Kilo-Moto gold located in the Ituri district in Orientale Province. The basement of the Maniema province is also home the gold. The involvement of employees of the United Nations is not established in what looks like a fraud.

The Security Council UN should consider this report during its meeting Thursday, May 27 This information confirms that the instability that has rocked the two provinces of Kivu and Orientale Province persists for lack of a firm resolve to stop it. The political will is lacking both at the top of the Congolese state and within the "international community". We will return.

Issa Djema (with Reuters) 

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