An undercover named "J. Kabila"

Joseph Kabila threw the mask. Wednesday, June 30, 2010, the man presented his true face. That of a foreign agent. He's in the service of the RWanda president, Paul Kagame. An apparently trivial ended ten years of mystery. Ten years of pretense: Wednesday, June 30, the Congolese leader delayed the start of the parade held to mark the festivities of the "Cinquantenaire"( 50 years of independance. Reason not admitted: wait for the arrival of Rwandan satrap,Paul Kagame. Only one non-Congolese can do so by defying public opinion and insulting the Congolese girls memory and sons of this country who lost their lives during occupations of Rwandan troops on Congolese soil. It is true with the complicity of some citizens.

In Kinshasa, there is silence dish. Silence probably caused by fear. A fear that is likely to crescendo after the "show of force" made by Kabila in presenting "his" tanks and other heavy weapons. Who would dare call him to account in the Congo where truth and falsehood coexist happily? Who would dare open his mouth to express his indignation in a country where the "elite", sated, is plunged into a profound indolence?

It is a challenge more than "Joseph" has launched the great majority of Congolese who do not recognize in a brutal power and incompetent. A power unable to give adequate answers to the most basic expectations of the population, still less to ensure the minimum conditions of security to every citizen.

It is now clear that the instability that has rocked the eastern part of DR Congo for over a decade is a chaos. Insecurity in eastern suits well the interests of Kabila and those of his mentors. As proof, the "reconciliation" Kabila-Kagame has suffered any upturn safe. Murders, rapes, looting continues. Armed groups continue to flourish and to make the law. The Rwandan regime has managed to install a vassal, a puppet, the head of the DR Congo.

There are signs that speak louder than words. Since the accession of Joseph Kabila as head of state, man has never been accepted mainly because it maintains the mystery around his origins and his personal background. What areas of shadow on his place of birth, his surname, his education and experience. For ten years, the Congolese knew that DR Congo is led by a man who lies as much as on the paternity and his past into the ranks of the Rwandan army. To silence his opponents, Joseph Kabila resorted to brute force. Willing victims, some Congolese involved in this dangerous game to make money. A former Attorney General of the Republic even had the idea to establish any criticism "politically incorrect" against the current President of the Republic in an offense of "insulting the head of state."

How can we hope that this country finds its place as a great nation in Africa and the world as it is undermined from within by "invisible enemies" who occupy key positions on the political and military? One thing is now certain: the maintenance of Joseph Kabila as head of the DR Congo condemns this country to keep this giant with feet of clay. Paul Kagame would not in any case find a Congo strong politically, economically and militarily on its borders.

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