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 Elikya Mbokolo
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was commemorated on Monday, the 51st anniversary of the martyrs of independence. A political analyst and historian, Professor Elikya Mbokolo welcomed the acceleration of political and social history of the country. However, he deplores the passivity of the Congolese people today who accepts all face some social injustices, radiookapi.net reported.

II. Postulates, axioms, or predicate DOGMA?
To begin this discussion, it is imperative that first appear to qualify the statement by the professor Elykia Mbolo lack of respect for his people and willful denial to give a reading prepared to affirm the truth in its essence rather than the tail and her train. The "passivity" is not a posture Congo, on the contrary, "Vigilance" is the virtue of the Congolese. Let the premisses of an inquisitorial questioning and trying to identify the evidence that convinced the teacher to sigh without Elykia Mbokolo retained that Congolese are passive. In any case, with an argument or not, the conclusion deeming the Congolese people for a liability is not logical and it is amphibological belongs to those who view them with a trial cut, pre-conceived neo-colonial and indigenous as early Belgian Congo regardless of that great historian has produced an excellent film that denounces Leopold II. In any case, today, scientific societies unearth historical truths that have not been auscultated for years, Maoists alongside these reasons, given that the company is looking for unpublished work that evoke the truth can be a ovure conducted for commercial reasons.
Where it rightly raises the question of how someone, a citizen of the country that has educated, can qualify his liabilities or amorphous, or another synonym of the genus, there Rather than seeing this predisposition oratory does not table its response to the inventory of the trail of his haste to focus attention on oneself in order to establish itself as a monopoly of responses to the ignorance of his people. Elykia Mbokolo was probably obnubulé by this claim, and that he dropped, the Congolese people today are passive. What imprudnece, what discomfort, what an insult to the Motherland! I challenge that insurance professor emeritus Congolese. Alas, despite the eminence of his reputation, our big brother sins against his own pricnipes, those of history. Indeed, the story proceeds by recutting and not defamatory statement. Interrogeaons us, based on finding what will we see with myopia and under the scope of condescension impotence through which we are, if the Congolese helpless and passive. Obviously, helplessness was not mentioned, but passivity is not without impotence, even in marriage.
Is it because the enemies of the Republic of Congo and the Rwandan-Ugandan coalition humiliated, destroyed the living and working with our people for their barbarism as a sigh in the absence of any review retrospective of our journey through the avenues of independence that we accept a statement about non-cathedral because from an illustrious figure of our pride in the world? For Elykia Mbokolo is one! ... I'm not wrong about that, this below is the comment that was gathered Radio Okapi ...
Professor Elikya Mbokolo recalls that the events of January 4, 1959 meant that all go very quickly. Things that the Congolese could not get before, they were obtained between January 4, 1959 and June 30, 1960. Within a year and a half, says the historian Congolese were obtained things we asked for ten years without success. An important aspect is the role of the Congolese people, especially the people of Kinshasa. These people who suddenly said, at that time: "Enough! And he must now totally changes here! "Has he said. This contrasts with the attitude of the current generation. "The people (DRC) today is apathetic and passive. It accepts a variety of things including lack of work, the non-payment or delayed payment of wages, or the floor of an insolent luxury from a number of leaders. This passivity is to be combated. Because the people who are fighting the people who live around, "lamented Professor Elikya.
Surprised that this word has caused not only a reaction limited under the Congolese strange lying in my skin, but she finished in the ears of many compatriots suciter a great debate that mobilizes political thought and scientific intellectual diversity of the DRC. Anyway, I hope it is meet and right that we look at this statement to try to give a perspective that is not one vehicle Absolum Professor Elykia Mbokolo. Already, one can think qu'Elykia Mbokolo has not delivered this speech by a simple mistake, but because he was behind this thinking as a discourse that can be validated. Anyway, I accuse Elikya Mbokolo to proceed as they are distracting from issues contrary to our view of the ideal patriotic dimension and become one of the country. This characterization of passivity can be anything other than an attempt intellectual "Manufacturing Consent" to instruct the Congolese guilty of a feeling that they do not. And if the process succeeds, there is a step to lead an entire nation in a process of degradation, the conditions have been established for the management of wills under the dome from the ideologies of the historian. The Bookstore will sell books, the price of writing will be given and the library will open to the eminent thought, a bookshelf for eternity with his anthology Congolese given to the world as part of a memorable contribution to our passivity is tod 'hui.
The assertion that the Congolese are now liabilities based on a false premise, its basis is a preconceived and arbitrary decision which troubles drift of the current governance of the DRC, while those emanating from any legitimacy Leaders of the popular will that it has been enacted by the Sovereign National Conference. This assumption, I say, is false because it is worn by any antithesis except by the anomie of a sacrilege to wonder straw man and all the cheap shots in Region Great Lakes, Mr. Paul Kagame who spends the eyes of certain people for a strong and admirable character. However, this deduction striking the Public Ethics common sense does violence to the lucidity of Congolese who did not allow it with ripping with its objectivity because of a barrier to lies and humiliation. The trial of Élykia Mbokolo is not supported by pillars that stand in the roots of the criticism he advances. In fact, analysis of this eminent Congolese has not been tested by the generic essence of substance in the Congolese tragedy manifested as a crisis of public conscience and patriotic people of his country of origin. The scholar in history, instead of reading the handwriting of passivity he emphasizes, it was viewed by a remote observation teleological consequence of the earthquake as its lava is the epicenter of Richter scale. In that way, anyone will come to the same deduction without solid foundation.
To demonstrate what I expose elementary as arbitrary an analysis based on the result instead of a summary which is investigating the source of the cause, not effect, other Congolese react to the way that looks like my protest against the naive image attributed to the Congolese. Passivity is dismissed as a national psycho-social behavior of citizens of the DRC. As a forceful and unequivocal, Dieudonne Wamu Oyatambwe, in fact the plea, listen it:

The events of January 1959 have resulted in more than one knows, since the context of the time was favorable. Things were moving already strong in other African countries, while the Belgian colonial power did not seem ready to engage in any change, despite the high aspirations of the people to a better life and more freedom. Similarly, if you look at the context of the time, it is mainly the trade unions and other workers who have most influenced the civil disobedience and general strikes subsequent repression, and have undermined both political power than economic output. The colonial authorities had to fight back and bend to the demands. It should therefore be at the same time relativized the role or importance of political parties. Even otherwise, one can think for example played in Communist Poland by the Solidarity trade union to fight dictatorship, even if later this movement has come to be transformed into a political party for the accession to power. But there is another debate.
Even during the Mobutu dictatorship and during the last war, the Congolese people did not sit on it has often taken the risk of defying the repressive apparatus of any kind, so basically it is not as passive or as pacifist as you might think. Think about the progress of Christians February 16, 1992, the many days dead city, or other events in the occupied territories, etc.. However, these people also seems to me very disappointed by the behavior of "leaders" (political or social) that were supposed to relay, or extend or support these acts of resistance! It mobilizes people against such power today then tomorrow we're in the same power in doing exactly the same or worse than before. In this sense it seems to me that there are basically the Congo first and foremost a leadership issue, not only politically, to mobilize and channel popular energies to a different political culture to the well-being and development.
To qualify the "passivity" of the Congolese people, we can note how he "get by" to survive, the dynamism of the sector known as "informal," the ingenuity of its many hobbyists, schools and universities of all kinds, always fulfilled despite the high price to pay, etc.. Politically, it is obviously something else, but it is also more complex than one might think. But note that the resistance can also take several forms, depending on how it is channeled and exploited. Currently, "pastors and other religious movements seem to be the main recipients and conduits of the resistance of people of Congo. Tired of political struggles or improbable results always the same, many Congolese have taken refuge in the only prayer. And among the intellectual elite as among ordinary people, and that both the Congo and in the great Diaspora now scattered throughout the world. When we cease to believe that social mobilization or political will to change things, we hope to solve any of prayer because it is said that "only God can do something there." Without credible social leaders, it therefore relies completely transcendental leadership. And that is how the churches and sects have taken precedence over the mobilization through unions, political parties or other social movements. Having understood this new social, religious, and many business gurus of all kinds thrive and make a fortune in Congolese society. How to reverse this trend? Great question!
The Congolese people as a whole: political, economic actors, civil society, diaspora, etc.. We constitute together what is called "Congolese people". In this sense, I am not too statements like "the people became this or that, politicians do this or that", etc.. Because it looks to want to blame others by exculpate himself. This is not true and we all carry varying degrees of responsibility for our repeated failures, and even those who are accused of behaving badly in power are all from our families, our ranks, they are only the illustration of what we are. Look at what's happening in our associations, our parties, our churches, our businesses, both in Congo and abroad, and you find that there is some kind of "generalized Congolese mentality" that we must or ban all fight together if we want to engage our country in another way than he has borrowed since decolonization! Source: Dieudonné Wamu Oyatambwe, Hinterland January 25, 2010.
These arguments, rather than the shortcut Elykia Mbokolo describing the Congolese liabilities, are a true demonstration of the Congolese assets was not asleep. The point of view they are formulating theories in itself argue the identity of the Congolese by the praxis of care he has of his destiny. It is in this speech Dieudonne Wamu Oyatambwe a real sense of denial about the Elykia Mbokolo. Whoever hears this response take a critical distance vis-à-vis Elykia Mbokolo before packing it into perspective in light of a case turnaround inopin.ée often happens after a war of ideological arguments and assumptions especially. However, in a natural way, the history teacher from losing and his perception of Congo appears as a point of view just suffering from benchmarks to address issues of politics and society in the Congo.
Therefore, we are faced with a primitive and archaic Interpreters proceed. Elykia Mbokolo established its ruling values as the old Greek pre-Socratic philosophers of antiquity, he used the principles that deny the right to make a rebuttal. This is the proposal that uses the axiom, dogma, postulate, theorem proving that his rendering of the "passivity of Congolese" sounded like a Radio Okapi, a truth, but it was there that the an arbitrary formula that sweeps away the methods of reason to operate with the assistance of the brainstorming and developing the equations of the problem with its variants and abscissae of its coordinates. The Congolese are now liabilities has not passed the entrance exam for the common sense of many Congolese anywhere. Using this trick is because Mr professor can not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what he says.
However, Elykia Mbokolo has dealt with the height of its position that the dogma goes over the raion Congolese practice today. In fact, it has assessed the fear it may create in the minds that attempt to contradict him. Since, in fact, those who dare, can be lectured by close proxemics "Mwana Mayi do yo okok ko na discuss Old Elikia? Tal well kulutu atangisaka head ba yo tika na yo oza nothing else okosambwa! ... " However, the opposite happens with those who have read, as in this case current Dieudonne Wamu Oyatambwe which active advocacy capacity of the Congolese. In a word, Elykia Mbokolo set the bar high by evaluating the undeniable resonance of his name and prestige, which, by the power of its renowned authority imposes on domestic reason, and therefore, the individual that dares not challenge fear the offensive by wearing his certainty amphitheater of its international listeners! ...

It is easier for a prominent university presonnalité of chambers to form judgments of value on lived reality or expansion. More than a common man will believe Elykia Mbokole in what he says, the man of books under his belt, a CV well fed and a series of articles that have authority in the magazine "Jeune Afrique" several decades, especially the '80s. This descent backed by the reputation is in itself a power that resonates like a preacher of the gospel letter. It was difficult at the publicans at the time of Christ to set flat on the floor of a Pharisee of the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem. It is sufficient that this gathering will influence the crowd against "Jesus" for "Barabas" and the verdict was pronounced, and Pontius Pilate washing his hands went. The Congo is a country that behaves like an old coat with added strips, which only further tear the fabric of the original that needs to be patched. Once a theory is contained in his posture, especially when the echo down from the northern hemisphere, the message is with the truth, if not an opportunity to support a solution if and only if the auditors of Speech accaprent preambles suggérése tracks.
I retain props Professor Elykia Mbokolo these these judgments:

The passivity of the Congolese people today;
The Congolese were obtained between January 4, 1959 and June 30, 1960 independence;
An important aspect is the role of the Congolese people, especially the people of Kinshasa;
It accepts a variety of things including lack of work, the non-payment or delayed payment of wages, or the floor of an insolent luxury from a number of officials;
Such passivity must be combated. Because the people who are fighting the people who live!
Money Kagame by France
Should we deny these observations sweeping statements that bear? No! These are truths of a direct reading that you can not deny. Thus, the decision on the heart of the teacher takes the size of a dogmatic truth obvious connotations and the famous Congolese behavioral defects of visceral he has shown through its supposed passivity. But this sentence, far from being categorical is basically the "false position of the problem" is trying to make, if not credited Elykia Mbokolo on survival of disabled Congolese who live in the flesh and the public space his country a subhuman existence. Nothing is fundamentally true if the Congolese began to listen to the sermon blaming reluctantly. In other words, the reality around you seems real with the action of marketing lies in Kinshasa. But the socio-political anatomy of the DRC is not in terms with what others know about the consciousness of the Congolese and his fighting to assert his dignity and pride as a people.
Do we not see Paris in an effort to reconnect with Kigali, precipitation results in order not to lose a strategic worth in Paris to reassure the pie that was cut on the tarcs DRC? Everyone knows that the central government of Central Africa is currently in Kigali and in no way, if Paris continues to turn its back on the will of the Anglo-American bloc, it will no longer be a city without political clout in Europe, NATO, the United Nations and the Great Court. This explains the precipitation of Nicolas Sarkozy to come to Kigali as soon as Paul Kagame is not that interesting, but the French President was forced to drop the charges by America and Britain of Judge John Louis Bruguiere told in the Rwandan head of state. That's it. And thus, the Hexagon is hoped vegetate in the DRC to carry out its transactions.
In the background, the Congo, you can humiliate a French President to force him to shift his white paw Congolese. Travel to Kigali Sarkozy and other plenipotentiaries are a Money Kagame by France. In fact, we want him out of his crimes that can smell several victims who exceed tens of millions and for which Community Justice lawyers expects international action as the "Nuremberg Trials" but fears that the large Powers. This file is feared Congolese because the crimes committed by these actors in the DRC to loot this country beyond all understanding. Furthermore, no western capital wants to lose the position ensures that Rw

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